The 2012 CMT Awards, which took place tonight (June 6), were too big for the auditorium, metaphorically speaking. Therefore, the live duet of 'I'm Gonna Get Drunk and Play Hank Williams,' performed by Hank Williams Jr. with an assist from Brad Paisley, was too much to be contained by a venue with a roof, so the superstars performed it outside. What a treat for fans!

The song refused to be contained by a building, and as a result, it was quite an electrifying collision of both classic country and modern, as it featured two of the genre's most respected and notable players.

The song appears on Hank Jr.'s forthcoming platter, 'Old School, New Rules,' which drops on July 12. Only Hank Jr. could get away with a song such as this and prevent it from becoming cheesy, since it's somewhat self-referential, as he is paying homage and tribute to his father and namesake, a true country music pioneer.

Maybe one day Paisley -- known for his dry sense of humor -- will write and perform a song 'I'm Gonna Get Drunk and Play Brad Paisley' with one of his sons.

Watch Brad Paisley and Hank Williams Jr. Perform 'Get Drunk and Play Hank Williams'