When a megastar announces a change in their music, there are bound to be some haters. While Taylor Swift is busy shaking those folks off, Brad Paisley is making it known that he supports the singer in her transition to pop.

Swift's upcoming '1989' album is going to be a full-on pop endeavor, which has everybody buzzing. Paisley included -- he talked with E! News during an iHeartRadio party recently, describing why he thinks Swift's music change is "admirable."

"People are going to have to get used to it 'cause it's not the Taylor Swift obviously that you knew," he says. "Because this is somebody -- like, she was talking about how she cut her hair, and she is spending time in different cities more and becoming more of a product -- and she is a world famous superstar now. She is just not Nashville's, [and] we just have to kind of get used to that."

Paisley believes the album is going to do well (duh), and that audiences will definitely enjoy the new pop tunes. "People are going to love it. It's going to sell, and it already is [selling]," he relates. "She has done a great job."

The 'River Bank' singer even seems to be a fan of Swift's catchy first single, 'Shake It Off.' He says he admires her ability to address her haters.

"All of us have the urge to do that, and I respect her for doing that," Paisley says. "I have that urge to do that as well, because it gets old just taking it when you're in the public eye ... It becomes a lot of fun to really steam now and again and challenge somebody who hates you. Because in the end, it's all very sort of unreal and not always accurate ... You know the people who hate you."

Adds the country star, "They don't really hate you with the same amount of fervor as the people who love you."

Paisley is showing strong support for Swift's transition, but for every fan, there's a foe, including rapper Earl Sweatshirt, who has gone so far as to call the 'Shake It Off' video "offensive." Find out why here.

Swift's '1989' hits stores on Oct. 27.

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