An earnest head tilt is probably the most common reaction to this new viral video for "Turn Up on the Weekend" by a duo called Branchez & Big Wet.

The music video starts off like something Napoleon Dynamite may have made if he dabbled into country, and from there it becomes a confusing, entertaining mix of hip-hop and country images. Is it a parody of bro-country or modern pop-country as a whole? Or is Big Wet's vocal performance as honest as "He Stopped Loving Her Today"?

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"Cooler full of cold ones / Rusted out Chevy / Steaks over charcoal / Game on the TV," Big Wet sings. "I ain’t got a swimsuit / Sure as hell gonna jump in / Take another shot of Cuervo / Turn up on the weekend.”

Out of place bull-riding and hilariously posed motorboat adventures lend to the theory that Branchez and Big Wet are mocking country music during "Turn Up on the Weekend." The presence of social media star the Fat Jew doesn't add credibility, but it doesn't necessarily detract from it, either. Musically it's a sparse hip-hop beat with a spoken-word country baritone. One recalls Wheeler Walker Jr.'s music, as both fall in the WTF?! category of country.

"Turn Up on the Weekend" is at the top of the Spotify United States Viral Top 50 playlist, and mainstream sites like the Vulture have covered it, asking many of the same questions. Writers there seem to be seduced by the melody and sonic fruits of this country hybrid more than most, but perhaps like whiskey it's an acquired taste.

Branchez is the producer of this song. We're still trying to find out the dog's name.

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