Brantley Gilbert called on fellow country stars Thomas Rhett and Justin Moore to throw one heck of a 'Small Town Throwdown,' which was captured on video.

The music video for the song off of Gilbert's 'Just as I Am' album kicks off with the boys all packing a little heat. They decide to do a little target practice before their big party. Gilbert holds the heftiest gun, while Rhett opts for a smaller handgun.

"Go Dawgs," Gilbert mutters, as he tells the other men he's going to show them how it's done. After a big miss, it's Moore's turn. He represents his home state of Arkansas when he shoots ... and misses. Rhett steps up to the plate and his handgun causes the wine bottle target to explode. "One more? I ain't even gotta look," the young singer says, gloating.

"It's about time to turn this up a notch," Gilbert decalres after losing the game. "What do you think?"

The labelmates make plans for a proper 'Small Town Throwdown.' Rhett's wife Lauren makes a cameo in the video when he calls her with the invite she's been waiting for. The cars start to pile on the backroad as the party kicks off.

Gilbert, Moore and Rhett perform their song for the energetic crowd full of women -- until a few very angry men arrive. Gilbert apologizes for what he's about to do before he rears back to pack what looks like it'll be a heavy punch ... before Moore steps in and punches the large man himself. They eventually bro hug and return to the party.

One thing is for sure -- this trio sure knows how to throw a party!

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