Brett Eldredge makes no secret of the fact that he's a huge Chicago Cubs fan, and the country singer can do a mean impression of their announcer, Harry Caray.

Eldredge stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio to talk about his new self-titled album, and in the course of the chat he gave a note-perfect impression of the legendary announcer after talking about getting to go to an upcoming Cubs game.

The singer missed the 2016 CMA Awards to attend Game 7 of the Cubs' World Series run, when they broke a 100-year losing streak. The Illinois native even got to sing “Go Cubs Go” at the Cubs' victory rally in front of 5 million people, and also got invited to walk the celebratory parade with the players from Wrigley Field to Grant Park. He posted an Instagram photo the day of the rally, triumphantly holding the World Series trophy.

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Eldredge is taking a turn in a more personal direction on his new album. “Haven’t Met You Yet,” “Cycles” and “Castaway” all address the longing for love, and looking for (and failing to find or hold onto) love is the dominant theme of the record. "Something I'm Good At" is the first single, and its upbeat, crazy feel is quite different from the bulk of the album, which finds Eldredge digging deeper than ever before.

"Love Someone" addresses love from a more upbeat perspective. "It's about the simple aspect of love, the nitty-gritty, get-down-to-it thing that we all want," he tells us. "Which is just someone to keep you warm at night, someone that cares about you that you can share everything with. It sure feels good to love someone."

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