Brett Eldredge reveals a fragile heart on his new self-titled album, a project made of 11 love and love-lost songs and one ballad about his brother.

It's a remarkably vulnerable project from a man who despite his seemingly accessible public persona has said very little about matters of the heart. With songs like "Haven't Met You Yet," "Cycles" and "Castaway" (especially "Castaway"), it's clear the crooner craves real love, but is weary of the journey.

The album nearly plays out like a romance gone sour, with the most optimistic, high-on-love songs coming near the front ("Superhero," "The Long Way," "Somethin' I'm Good At") and the darkest moments coming toward the end. It's not easy for this singer to reveal so much of himself to fans, something made clear during "Heartbreaker," an ironically upbeat, celebratory country cut about a girl whose greatest talent seems to be shattering the definition of love.

Brett Eldredge is a transition album in that it truly finds the singer searching. He's coming out of his wild 20s and is interested in slowing down, but hasn't totally committed. That comes through at times, but Eldredge's performance doesn't always match his melancholy lyrics. Two songs are undeniable, however: a supreme love story called "The Long Way" and an aching, tormenting rebound song called "Cycles" that is practically daring his team choose it as a future radio single.

Key Tracks: "The Long Way," "The Reason," "Cycles," "Castaway"

Did You Know?: Eldredge's hero is Frank Sinatra, and the great crooner's influence is obvious on "The Reason," a drunk-dialing song that's timeless and genre-less.

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