Brett Eldredge took to social media on Wednesday (June 25) to announce some exciting news to his biggest fans: he's releasing a new single from his debut album, 'Bring You Back!'

'Mean to Me' will be the album's third single, following the debut 'Don't Ya' and 'Beat of the Music.' The 28-year-old singer posted the single artwork on Instagram with the caption, "Can't wait to tell ya how much you 'Mean to Me'...on your airwaves soon!"

Eldredge's 85,000 Instagram followers responded positively to the news of new music. In three hours, he had nearly 8,000 likes (and counting!). The album artwork shows the singer's blue-grey eyes looking as striking as ever. The photo shows him from the neck up, wearing a jacket and shirt and sporting that chin stubble we've grown to known and love. Simplicity works in this case, with only his face, name and the words 'Mean to Me' serving as a perfect single cover.

'Mean to Me' is a little different than the other two Eldredge has released from his debut album. The first two are both fast-paced and catchy with just a hint of love in the lyrics. The upcoming single, however, is a lot more focused around love.

"If falling's how you feel and perfect is what you see, then I'd be what you mean to me," he sings in the ballad.

The song will hit airwaves soon, but if you need a Brett Eldredge fix sooner rather than later, he has tour dates through September. See them here.

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