Brett Eldredge isn't just a hot hunk of country man meat -- he also appears to have a heart of gold (okay, and he's super talented, too). The 'Beat of the Music' hitamker invited one very lucky little lady on stage with him to play guitar during a recent show.

After signing a Tinkerbell guitar for a 7-year-old fan, Eldredge pulled a surprise stunt -- and what happened next was a dream come true for little Kiersten. The singer laughed as he summoned her to the stage.

"Come here," he tells her in video, amidst the cheer of the crowd.

"Bring me a stool right now," Eldredge instructs his crew once Kiersten was helped on stage. "Alright, I want you to sit on this stool. You doin' good?" he asked her, holding her pink guitar while she quickly responded, "yeah."

"Alright, Kiersten, we've never done this before so I want you to be the lead guitar player on this with Greg, alright?" The crowd began to clap as the little girl got comfy on her stool, preparing to live the moment of her lifetime: playing Bob Seger's 'Night Moves' with Eldredge.

She sat, looking a little nervous for a minute before finally starting to strum her little guitar. After Eldredge really got going on his cover of the classic song, Kiersten started to warm up to her new spot onstage. You go, girl!

Eldredge is currently on tour through September in the U.S. His full list of tour dates are listed here.