Brett Eldredge hopes his new self-titled album will stand as a career record that changes the entire trajectory of his musical life.

The singer-songwriter released Brett Eldredge on Friday, and the songs definitely dig further into his inner emotional life than any of his previous work.

"I pushed this album in a little bit more of a way of, 'How do I go deeper? How do I make this record kinda like that big staple career record?' You look back and that was the one that really launched into another whole level of music and career," Eldredge says in the video above, which is premiering exclusively via Taste of Country.

Eldredge set about to really connect emotionally with his listeners with the new songs, hoping to create "something really special ... something that is a part of people's lives, that they'll never forget that album."

The singer says he wants to "destroy all of my other albums" with the new one. "Not that those weren't very important, and they did very well," he notes. "But I want this to be something extremely special. I think it is."

The first single from Brett Eldredge, "Something I'm Good At," is at country radio now.

Brett Eldredge Celebrates New Album With Special Mosaic Art

Eldredge celebrated the release of the album on Friday (Aug. 4) with a series of mosaic installations all over Nashville. He called upon artist Jim Bachor to use his vision in filling potholes in key locations in Music City, and Bachor created three pieces that feature Eldredge’s logo, his song "No Stopping You" and his beloved dog, Edgar. Click through those in the gallery above.

"I’ve got my name, my dog and my lyrics all over Nashville, and it’s there to stay," Eldredge says in a press release. "It’s crazy. I used to wander those streets as a kid dreaming about making music, and now it has really come true."

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