Brett Eldredge and Thomas Rhett have previously teamed up together on the road for their Suits & Boots Tour, and they'll be sharing the stage once again at this year's 2016 CMA Fest in Nashville.

On Wednesday (June 1), it was revealed that the two friends will be hosting ABC's televised special, Country Music's Night to Rock, which is filmed during CMA Fest in Nashville.

"I am so PUMPED to co-host #CMAfest Country Music's Night to Rock with my dude @thomasrhettakins Catch it Wed, Aug 3 at 8|7c on ABC!" Eldredge captions on Instagram, alongside a video with Rhett practicing for their hosting duties.

"Your lines are right on here. We're interviewing the biggest stars in country music. Just read your lines," Eldredge tells Rhett, who asks why they have to rehearse if they've already gotten the gig.

"Brett, you are the best singer with the best hair and you are always a snappy dresser," Rhett reads in disbelief. "Is this a joke? You are unbelievable!"

Meanwhile, ever the funnyman, Eldredge maintains his cool and continues with the script.

"Thank you so much for complimenting me. Now it's my turn. Thomas, Mr. Thomas Rhett. Why do you look up to Brett Eldredge so much. Is it because he's so tall, handsome?"

Rhett then gets up and leaves the room, as he's had enough of Eldredge. The two will surely make for a fun pairing at this year's CMA Fest.

"Our personalities are so in line with each other," Rhett tells People of his relationship with Eldredge. "We just have a good time together on and off stage."

They are both looking forward to the high-profile gig.

“I’ve played my heart out on every size stage at CMA Fest, from the crowds of 20 to the big stadium, because I love the energy of the festival and the country music fans so much,” Eldredge says in a press release. “And now I get to host the whole thing with one of my best pals. You can’t beat that!”

"As a fan, CMA Music Fest was always the biggest event of the year for me. Some of my favorite memories are me and my buddies sitting in the nosebleeds watching our heroes play," adds Rhett. "It's surreal and a huge honor to be hosting and performing on this stage."

Country Music's Night to Rock will air on Aug. 3 on ABC.

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