Brooke Eden begs an ex-lover to show some mercy in a cathartic new pop-country love song called "Act Like You Don't." This is the country newcomer's most authentic single to date, one that feels like it came from her heart.

Eden's strong vocals are the signature of "Act Like You Don't." It's a true showcase of her impressive range and emotion. Lyrically she sings of ending a not-so-bad relationship because it wasn't good for anyone involved. Her lover's memory and unwillingness to give up on it torments her.

At times the Florida-raised singer seems on the brink of a meltdown — there's an all-too-familiar front defending her heart that's taking a beating from relentless guitars and drums. The production roars through a final chorus during the last minute as Eden begs, "Act like you don't, act like you don't, act like you don't." Every element of the song fits the mood.

Did You Know?: Eden describes her sound as being a mix of Jason Aldean and Adele.

Listen to Brooke Eden, "Act Like You Don't"

Listen to Brooke Eden, "Act Like You Don't" Lyrics:

We can't take all these ups and downs, this back and forth / Oh space is what we need so I boxed up your things, put 'em on your porch / The nights they hurt like hell I know just how you feel / But when I hear from you it's like salt in the wound and I need to heal.

When you wanna have a late-night drive-by / Drunk dial my phone around midnight / Say you miss me waking up by your side / Act like you don't, like you don't / Let's play a little game and pretend / Like you don't know where I go on the weekends / When you wanna show up with your friends / Act like you don't, like you don't.

I know we both get lonely / But if you ever loved me and you still do, I need you to / Act like you don't / Pretend you don't. 

When I smell a stranger wearing your cologne / It's like poison to me, I can't breathe but I don't wanna go home alone / Your memory is haunting me / Yeah we tried real hard but we're better apart, we're not what we need.

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