A third grade girl in New York who is battling leukemia is hoping she can fulfill her dream of singing with her musical idol, country pop sensation Taylor Swift.

Stella Usiak has been fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia since March of 2011. The 12-year-old says that the music of Taylor Swift has been especially beneficial in her therapy. "When I go to the hospital for my treatment and stuff, I listen to Taylor Swift when I'm in treatment, and it helps me relax and stuff," she tells news station WGRZ in Buffalo, New York.

The multi-talented youngster won the 2011 Easter Writing Contest in her hometown of North Tonawanda, and according to a Facebook page her mother set up, she also loves coloring and making crafts and is an expert pancake and pizza maker. But Stella's main passion is singing, and her dream is to meet and record a song with the 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' hitmaker. So to that end, our friends at local country station WYRK have teamed up with the television station to spread the word about Stella's dream.

They're encouraging country music fans to copy Stella's Facebook link and tweet it to Swift at @Taylorswift13, hoping the kind-hearted superstar will see the story and decide to make Stella's dream come true.

Stella made it to the maintenance portion of her treatment roadmap one year to the day after her diagnosis, but she still faces a long road of grueling treatments that are expected to run through June 2013.

Watch Stella Talk About What Taylor Swift Means to Her