An intimate acoustic video series just wasn't going to work for the Cadillac Three. Country music's rowdiest power trio sounds best at full volume, so when it came to filming a few songs for their RISERS video shoot, Jaren Johnston and company did what they do and counted on the crew to keep up.

The Cadillac Three are the newest Taste of Country RISERS, a select group of white-hot stars bubbling just under the mainstream's radar. In January, the group filmed six songs at the S4 Room in Nashville before launching their Country Fuzz Tour. The Country Fuzz album dropped last Friday, featuring "Heat," "Slow Rollin'" and 14 other guitar-heavy country-rockers. Watch them sing "Hard Out Here for a Country Boy" above — if you like a lot of guitar in your morning mix, you'll dig this jam.

Travis Tritt and Chris Janson appear on the studio version of the song, something lead singer Johnston says happened quite organically. Tritt cut his vocals on the group's tour bus, and while he was singing, Janson called and said he wanted in. The all-star collaboration — their biggest since "The South" was released with Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley and Mike Eli in 2012 — was a dream come true for the band.

"He's the best man," Johnston tells Taste of Country. "Great friend now and dude, idol. Travis Tritt's the reason is people like me and Drake White and all these singers that may not have felt normal in the country western genre, he made it OK us hearing that as kids, so that's kind of a cool thing."

Previous RISERS shoots have been intimate acoustic gatherings, and Johnston, Neil Mason and pedal steel guitarist Kelby Ray have done that before. But it's not who they are. If you've seen them live, you know the Cadillac Three fill their sets with thick guitar riffs, pulsing rhythms and anthemic choruses. Country Fuzz finds them sharing a softer, more introspective side with songs like "Labels" and "Long After Last Call," but the heart of the record is the songs you'll look forward to hearing at your next TC3 concert.

This live version of "Hard Out Here for a Country Boy" packs three guitar solos into four minutes of easy country energy.

If you need more, don't worry. On Wednesday (Feb. 12) at 8PM we'll share the full six-song performance and Q&A. Be sure to subscribe to both Taste of Country and the Cadillac Three on YouTube to catch it.

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