Cam is among the celebrities from different fields of American culture who penned open letters to the LGBT community in support of Gay Pride Month. The "Burning House" singer says she admires her LGBT friends, family and fans for their tenacity.

"When you are just being yourself, your behavior gets categorized as a radical statement, (such an unfair burden to put on you), but I see you living your life anyway," she writes in Billboard. "The world demands that you 'identify yourself' (as if the rest of us have ANY idea who we are?!), and I see you continually rise to the challenge of understanding yourself, loving yourself and gently educating others, even though you never asked to be a teacher."

Cam says the LGBT community are "some of the humanity's finest warriors in a war you didn't start," saying their belief in their self-worth despite all the unique obstacles they face inspires her to understand her own.

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"You shouldn't have to come out to parents who will act like you murdered someone. You shouldn't have to explain yourself to any ignorant idiot giving you looks or harassing you. You shouldn't have had to fight for the legal right to marry the person you love," she states adamantly. "You shouldn't have to worry about your safety. But right now, in many places, you are forced to, by people that are too scared to let go of lies they were told."

The country singer believes the LGBT community are the "best and bravest" of a new generation, adding that she is right beside them in their fight to educate people and turn "adversaries into allies."

"So in short, I just wanted to tell you: I love you unconditionally. And I got your back forever," Cam says. "The world is so much brighter with you here."

Jennifer Lopez, Chelsea Handler and many more prominent Americans also penned letters to the LGBT community, as did Kacey Musgraves, who shared her own journey from small-town Texas girl who had been taught a certain way to think about the gay community, only to realize the error of that way of thinking and become a passionate advocate.

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