Cam takes on the role of legendary pilot Amelia Earhart in her "Mayday" music video. Filmed at the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, Calif., the video treatment was written by Cam, Lindsay Marias and director Daniel Carberry.

"I'm a 1930s lady pilot," Cam tells People in a behind-the-scenes clip. "I take off and it's not a flight that ends well, and that's where 'Mayday' comes back in. The plane crashes, I sink, pieces of plane sink."

She adds that the song "Mayday" itself was in part inspired by a bad relationship.

"You're fighting back and forth with yourself about wanting to leave, but not really having the guts to do it," she explains. "I had a boyfriend that told me, 'No one's going to love you like I loved you,' and [I thought], 'That's so terrifying.' You're so afraid, so you stay in this crappy relationship. You've got to get out."

"Mayday" begins with Cam at a press conference about her impending flight. As she's being bombarded with questions and photos, a young girl looks on to her role model. Meanwhile, there is evident tension between Cam and her love interest who clearly does not want her to be flying.

Newspaper headlines that read "courageous female pilot flying over a thousand miles" flash on the screen as Cam hops aboard her red plane while photographers look on and capture the moment. She's not in the air long before a lightning storm brings the plane down into the water, where she drowns.

While the television headlines read "missing pilot lost at sea," the advertisements of the 1930s begin to change to become more positive of females going after their own dreams in the workforce. It's something Cam says she hopes to inspire in young girls within the music industry.

Cam will be touring this summer with Dierks Bentley on his Somewhere on a Beach Tour, which launched on May 12.

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