Cam’s dramatic "Mayday" doesn’t let go of the tension from her recent No. 1. Instead, she doubles down on love’s tragic end with a pounding song about knowing the one you share a bed with isn’t right.

“Burning House” was an apologetic plea to an ex-boyfriend, and “Mayday” is dressed in humility as well. That’s about where the two songs quit being similar. This love-long-gone ballad finds the singer trying to abandon something she (and he) knows is bad for her. Once again her vulnerable flutter stands out, but this time she’s shouldered by a more industrial arrangement. It’s still sparse, but much more imposing.

Cam could have played it safe with a follow-up to her first No. 1. There’s plenty of songs on Untamed that are strong and aimed for the masses. Instead she’s decided to take another risk with a vocal performance that feels just as personal as the last. One feels the push and pull of her emotions as she nears jumping from this sinking ship. It’s that indecision that the masses will relate to, once it sinks in.

Listen to Cam, “Mayday”

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Cam, “Mayday” Lyrics:

“You are overbearing, I’m not in love but I don’t wanna to tell you / We've been contemplating how to give it up but I can’t convince you / And we've been hopelessly holding too tight when we don’t even need to / And as the water fills this sinking ship I know we have to leave too.”


“Mayday, mayday this is an emergency / Mayday, mayday you've got to let me leave / I’m lyin' here inches away but you can’t hear me call Mayday-ay-ay.”

“Said I’m movin’ on ‘cause things were gettin’ rough, but here I am in your bed / Strung it on too long afraid to be alone now we’re in over our heads / It’s either sink or swim, we’ve tried so many times for worse or for better / Tears my heart in two to leave it all behind, and say goodbye forever.”

“Oh you gotta let me leave / Oh the weight will make us sink / Oh could you please help me leave / Oh abandon ship with me.”

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