A few specific things take Cam’s debut single “My Mistake” from ordinary to original. It’s the way she lilts “drunks” for an extra beat in the song’s second line. It’s the conversational way her voice flutters during the last line of the chorus. It’s the innocent way she frames a song that at its core is about a one-night stand.

This bar is shuttin’ down / I don’t mind if you walk me out / Oh, that’s kinda what life’s about,” the California raised singer offers before the final chorus of “My Mistake.” By that point, the energy she exudes has infected you like second grade cooties.

“Tellin’ stories ‘bout the younger you / As we’re framed by the names etched in the booth / And I let my shoulder lean on yours in this cloud of cigarette smoke,” Cam sings to begin the second chorus. Lyrically she and Tyler Johnson haven’t written an overly complicated or colorful song. The verses are short, sweet and sonically flawless. At times her voice is heavily layered before she breaks through to offer an unrestrained cry of:

He just might and we still could I’m debating if I should.

“My Mistake” shows both Cam’s strong voice and personality. The song pushes and pulls before swelling to a huge final chorus that’s filled with thick harmonies, steel guitars and piano.

He’s my mistake to make all night,” Cam sings to close as her arrangement falls away. One is left scanning the radio to hear it again.

Key Lyrics: "Just heartache in waitin’ / Just another sweet-talkin’ dream that ends in lonely nights / Just another handsome break-up / And he’ll be gone before the mornin’ light / But he’s my mistake to make all night"

Did You Know?: Cam has helped write songs for fellow country female Maggie Rose, as well as pop superstar Miley Cyrus.

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