Rising star Cam is apparently making some big career changes for the rest of 2018. On Saturday (Sept. 1), the singer put a message on social media informing her fans that she is changing labels for the release of her upcoming album, as well as postponing her planned fall U.S. tour dates.

Cam wrote that "for reasons I can't get into here," she's switching from Sony Music Nashville to RCA New York, a move that she says will allow her to release her music and tour with "a clear conscience and happy heart."

"I’ll still be playing the European dates and the Ryman 💛 and I promise I will be back ASAP," she noted.

When one fan took the singer to task, commenting that it was clear she was changing her plans for financial reasons and that fans should come first no matter what, Cam had succinct words in response, suggesting her reasons for leaving were more personal than paycheck-related.

"The fact that you can’t imagine a reason I would need to leave that building or a reason Sony would let me move without dropping me, says a lot about our culture," she noted. "It’s disappointing you can’t imagine the risk involved and assume this is some selfish financial game. But it’s important to say, especially to the women reading this: you have to take care of yourself first. You deserve a safe, healthy space. Don’t settle for less."

It's not totally out of left field to wonder if the singer's lukewarm performance at radio of late has had something to do with her change of plans. Her most recent singles, 2017's Dolly Parton-inspired "Diane" as well as current offering "Road to Happiness" have not had much traction on the charts. A move to the non-genre-specific RCA would fall in line with her currently fluid musical approach, which includes opening up for British star Sam Smith on tour.

In the meantime, her artist page at Sony Music Nashville has been removed. However, Cam is clearly keeping her head up, tweeting, "For the record—same music, better situation. Country music can't get rid of me that easily."

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