Cam debuted a brand-new single on Thursday (Feb. 13), and she celebrated with a late-night TV performance. Readers can press play above to watch the singer-songwriter share "Till There's Nothing Left" on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Cam's stunning voice shines on "Till There's Nothing Left," a dark-but-dreamy-sounding song about giving everything to the one you love. Her passionate delivery of the track on Seth Meyers elevated the song's message as her band backed her and fog swirled around her on the darkened stage

"It seems simple to say, ‘I’m going to love you and give everything of myself until there’s nothing left.' But you learn just how much you can love someone, especially once you have a baby," Cam tells People. She and her husband, Adam Weaver, welcomed their first child together in December.

“[Parenthood] narrows the scope of things that you used to worry about; it kind of gets you focused more — like, ‘I don’t have the sleep to give that my energy,’ which is nice because you get a little bit more of a zero-f--ks-to-give sense,” Cam reflects. “You want to leave this world better for your kid.”

Cam released her debut album, Untamed, in late 2015. A single, "Diane," followed in 2017, but she has yet to release another full-length project. Cam has, however, become a fierce advocate for women in the music industry, especially in the country genre, and is a part of the Recording Academy's diversity and inclusion task force. She is also reportedly preparing a new album for release this year.

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