Rising singer-songwriter Candi Carpenter calls on Brandi Carlile to help her asks life's existential questions in her beautiful new song. Co-written by Carpenter, John Caldwell and Alden Witt and produced by Carlile, who also provides background vocals, "The Astronaut" sounds like a classic country song wrapped around modern lyrics that ponder the meaning of life.

The lyrics of "The Astronaut" find Carpenter speaking her thoughts out loud, from wondering if the dinosaurs actually died from "hate and holy wars" to taking an inward look, asking what her life would be like if she had more faith in herself. The chorus questions, "Do I serve a greater purpose? / Or am I just nervous / I'm gonna disappear when I die? / All I know is / I will never know why." Carpenter sings with a haunting voice as Carlile providing equally stirring harmonies.

Carpenter's new music produced by Carlile is her first time working with a female producer. "Brandi and I started the session just singing the songs back and forth on guitar, going over every line," Carpenter describes to Guitar Girl Magazine about recording "The Astronaut" and a song called "Fancy Floors" with the Grammy Awards winner. She really went out of her way to connect with who I am as an artist – it was a beautiful, emotional, truly magical day in the studio."

Carpenter is one of Nashville's most promising rising stars, making a name for herself as a member of the all-female singer-songwriter troupe Song Suffragettes. In addition to her work as an artist herself, Carlile also produced Tanya Tucker's new album, While I'm Livin.'

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