As cool weather rolls in, newcomer Carolyn Miller is releasing a reminder of things we'll soon be missing in her music video for "Summer Time." The just released clip finds the singer enjoying a summer romance.

Miller shares that she got her real-life husband to play her love interest in the music video, so that's him kissing and hugging on her at the beach, against the pier and at an after party. "Summer Time" the song premiered in August, allowing the New York native to showcase her strong voice and storytelling chops.

"It was holdin' hands, cover bands, dancin' under bright lights / Startin' fires, smokin' tires, memories under moonlight / Only one thing on our minds / No curfew, not tonight / Whoa-oh, whoa / We were on summer time," she sings while acting out the scenes in the music video.

Just as the song goes on to reflect on a love gone cool this new video remains hot until a twist at the very end. The final scenes shows Miller and her man holding hands but then cuts to her texting him with "Hey stranger." Perhaps her next song will pick the relationship up from there.

Blake Bollinger, Lance Carpenter and Leah Turner wrote "Summer Time" for Miller.

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