Carolyn Miller describes summer love and the bite of heartbreak that comes at the end during her new pop-country anthem, "Summer Time."

The New York native presents all of her influences during this dreamy vocal showcase. The strength of her voice stands out, perhaps even too much. Upon a first listen one might miss the sting of September as described in her second verse and chorus. "Summer Time" is a tightly-written expression of lust that Miller performs like she's visited that memory often.

Summer love songs are a country sub-genre that's managed to not become saturated over the decades. Keith Urban and Deana Carter express something similar in "'Til Summer Comes Around" and "Strawberry Wine," respectively. Like those songs, this bittersweet singalong is as unique as the individual experiences that come with a summer fling.

Did You Know?: Miller splits time between Long Island, N.Y., and Nashville!

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Carolyn Miller, "Summer Time" Lyrics:

Yellow lights meant speed up, so we did / No trespassing sign, meant come on in / Pushing every limit way over the line / I had my own James Dean with you by my side. 

It was holdin' hands, cover bands, dancin' under bright lights / Startin' fires, smokin' tires, memories under moonlight / 
Only one thing on our minds / No curfew, not tonight / Whoa-oh, whoa / We were on summer time.

Sunsets in your arms made time stand still / And the danger dancing on your lips was all I wanted to feel / September started creeping in but we didn't stop / The more we leaned in, the hotter it got. 

When the warm breeze blows and carries those sweet memories in / I wonder if you ever wonder 'bout going back again / Whoa ...

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