Remember the rumor that former 'American Idol' winner Carrie Underwood was recording a duet with now-former 'American Idol' judge Steven Tyler? Well it's not a rumor anymore, folks. The music director at a Boston radio station confirmed the good news that the duet will indeed appear on Aerosmith's new album 'Music From Another Dimension,' which drops in November.

"The surprise track was a duet -- and he recorded the duet with Carrie Underwood," Mike Mullaney of Mix 104.1 said about the song (via The Boot.) "People should think back to the one that Bon Jovi did with Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland -- that kind of vibe." Mullaney is referring to 'Who Says You Can't Go Home,' the Jovi/Nettles pairing.

Mullaney got the scoop from the horse's mouth, explaining that the decision to include the Underwood-assisted track on the album was a methodical one, meant to open up the rock band's fanbase to a whole other audience. "Obviously he's fresh off 'Idol' and he knows the power of Carrie Underwood. At first, the rest of the band didn't want to put it on there but their label convinced them, 'Guys, this will get you airplay in red states.' So that was that."

Clearly, Aerosmith sees Carrie as a conduit to expanding their fanbase. It's a smart strategy, since the singer's massive popularity as a country artist will help broaden their appeal.

Underwood and Tyler have a rich history, so this duet comes as no surprise. The pair performed together at the 2011 ACM Awards and then did the Crossroads special around the Super Bowl earlier this year.

We cannot wait to hear the end result!