Carrie Underwood first shot to stardom after winning Season 4 of the Fox hit reality singing competition 'American Idol,' but she's one of just four women to have taken top honors in the show's 11-year run. At a recent press conference, the 'Blown Away' singer said she's rooting for a woman to win this season.

"I'm always excited to watch the show and definitely will throw in some votes of my own," Underwood told a group of journalists in Nashville (quote via the Boot). "I would like to see another female take it home, I think it's time."

Of course, 'American Idol' started off with Kelly Clarkson winning its first season, and Fantasia Barrino won Season 3. Underwood won the following year, while Jordin Sparks was the last female to win the coveted title in Season 6.

Underwood said it's difficult to predict why a given vote will go a certain way. "The way the voting goes has a lot to do with the audience watching the show. I don't know how I pulled off a win the year I was on," she admits. "That year, they said a guy was gonna win and they were wrong, fortunately. Thank goodness."

She added that judges and audiences don't really know what they're looking for until it finds them, which is part of the magic of the show. "I know when I was on there, I can guarantee you they were not looking for a little blond country girl from Oklahoma singing country music!" Underwood stated. "I think the judges may see something in people they may not expect to see, things they didn't know they wanted. They will only know it when they see and hear it."

The Hollywood round of Season 12 of 'American Idol' begins on Wednesday (Feb. 6).