Carrie Underwood is giving back to her hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma and helping homeless animals, as well. The 'Cowboy Casanova' singer's charitable foundation has funded a brand-new animal shelter for the small town.

"It funded the building here and before we had the building she was funding our spaying and neutering," Underwood's mother, Carol, comments of her daughter's contribution. Mrs. Underwood is a volunteer at the shelter, and offers her hands-on help a few days a week.

While Carrie herself calls Nashville home now, she still takes time to remember and assist the community that made her who she is today. Through her foundation, Checotah Animal, Town and School foundation -- otherwise known, cleverly, as 'C.A.T.S.' -- Underwood has also made notable contributions to the music program at her old high school.

Not only did Underwood's foundation build the brand-new animal shelter, but the money she contributes covers the cost of spaying/neutering the animals before they go to their new homes. "The city does provide us with an operating budget for our shelter," Carol Underwood admits, referring to the city-paid utility bill and food money contribution -- though all of her daughter's efforts mean that animal adoption is free.

The 28-year-old country music star recently attended her 10-year high school reunion, too -- which only further proves that while she may have many shiny awards on her shelf, she's still the same ol' Carrie from Checotah, Okla.

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