VH1's 'Pop Up Video' returned this month after a nine year hiatus, and Carrie Underwood's 'Before He Cheats' was one of the the first videos to get the pop-up treatment. Watch the clip below to learn dozens of new facts about the 2007 video.

'Pop Up Video' was a VH1 staple until 2002. At one time the show was the highest rated program on the network. The reboot features new graphics and similar sound effects to the original's. The concept is the same: Watch a video and enjoy clever insights into how the clip was created. Director Roman White seems to have shared much of the behind-the-scenes footage for 'Before He Cheats.'

After learning that Underwood used a youth-sized baseball bat to do her slugging because her hands looked too small around an adult sized bat, viewers watch as the show calculates the damage to the vehicle she smashes. If the blond beauty were convicted of a crime, it'd have been a felony for causing over $400 in damage to her boyfriend's ride. Underwood's character would have served 16 months in prison.

White had to take drastic measures to make Underwood look properly perturbed. He took to shouting expletives at her during different scenes, although the real-life drunk who stumbled through the set probably irritated her plenty. She simply shoves him aside.

Later in the video, facts on Underwood's marriage pop up. It turns out she was married on the same day as an infamous politician who could have learned a lesson from 'Before He Cheats.'

Watch Carrie Underwood's 'Before He Cheats' 'Pop Up Video'

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