Ever since we saw the haunting trailer for Carrie Underwood's 'Blown Away' video, we've been dying to see the finished product. Luckily, we only have to wait a few more days to engulf ourselves in the full-length clip. On Monday (July 30), the video will make its online debut.

E! News and E! Online will have the first look at the clip on the web, but lucky country fans down in Texas will really get to view the 'Blown Away' video first. Underwood will appear in the flesh in San Antonio on Saturday to debut the completed clip for a small audience at the private world premiere. Local station KJ97 won the red carpet premiere via a contest, and will host the singer and 200 lucky listeners for the viewing.

By now, all of Underwood's fans -- okay, anyone who listens to the radio -- have heard the dark hit song, which has chilling lyrics and a haunting melody. Judging by the 30-second trailer, the music video will fit in perfectly with the song. The mini-clip shows shots of Underwood engaged in a physical argument with a man, shattered windows, lightning, a terrifying tornado and the award-winning songstress running through a dark and windy field. This video could be one of the most intense clips Underwood has ever released.

Check back to Taste of Country next week to check out the 'Blown Away' video, or catch it on E! news at 7 and 11:30PM ET on July 30.

Watch the Carrie Underwood ‘Blown Away’ Video Trailer