Carrie Underwood has been getting raves for the video for her new single 'Blown Away,' but it wasn't easy filming the intense clip. In a new interview, Underwood says she was beaten up both emotionally and physically during the draining video shoot.

The 'Good Girl' singer portrays a young daughter suffering at the hands of her abusive father in the clip, which was inspired by 'The Wizard of Oz.' Underwood tells CMT Insider the filming was so real that it was unnerving.

"He was such a great actor, the guy that played my dad. I felt uncomfortable, to be honest," she admits. "He was that good because he was so intense and so angry."

The scene between the two actors was apparently a last-minute decision to set the tone for the rest of the video. "There was no script. We went in and acted out the scene the way we thought it might happen," Underwood spills. "And I actually left with bruises on my arm from when he would grab me and I would pull away. I had finger marks on my arm when I left at the end of the day, so I was like, 'Wow.' It was intense. I wasn't just imagining it, it was really intense."

Despite the serious theme of the video and song, the singer insists she was not trying to stir up controversy. "That's not what we were aiming for at all," she says. "I try to stay away from controversy in any form or fashion. It was just such a great story and such a mini-movie, listening to the song, and we really wanted to do it justice in the video."