It's really happening. Carrie Underwood really is releasing a new album, and the proof is in the first single! Underwood just announced in a special video message that 'Good Girl' will be the lead-off track from her forthcoming new record.

And boy, has it been a long time coming. While the former 'American Idol' songstress made waves with her Brad Paisley duet 'Remind Me' in 2011, it's been more than two years since her last album, so the Underwood fanatics are getting pretty antsy.

Thankfully, the blonde bombshell is aware of that and was elated to announce the release of 'Good Girl.' "Hello everybody! I just wanted to give you guys some good news," Underwood begins in a backstage video message to her fans, seen below. "My very first single off my fourth album is coming out soon. Itt's called 'Good Girl,' and I'm so excited. I love this song, I think it's awesome. I think it's going to blow you guys away, and I'm very excited about it, so I cannot wait for you to hear it. There's the news for the day! 'Good Girl'!"

According to a press release, the surefire new hit single is scheduled to impact country radio across the globe starting Feb. 23, with her fourth studio album to follow this year. The yet-to-be-named record will reportedly have darker undertones than her previous releases. Given everything that has happened in Carrie's life in the past few years, we're expecting it will tell quite the story.

Watch Carrie Underwood Announce New Single 'Good Girl'