Keith Urban is the perfect representative for country music on 'American Idol,' according to Carrie Underwood. Of course Underwood's opinion matters, since she is one of the most successful 'Idol' alums in the show's storied history.

The 'Two Black Cadillacs' took home the top prize on 'American Idol' during Season 4 in 2005, and she feels her fellow country superstar is a natural fit for his new prime time gig as a judge on Season 12 of the wildly popular reality show, which kicked off last week. After all, she's protective of the show which gave her career its liftoff.

"If anyone can be objective, constructive and tell people what it's gonna take, it's gonna be him," Underwood says of Urban's qualifications (quote via WZTV). "I am excited 'American Idol' is my world. It's my family and it's so nice to have someone from Nashville be a part of my 'American Idol' family."

As coincidence would have it, a young hopeful belted out Underwood's 'Mama's Song' during the season premiere last week. The young lady made it to Hollywood, but it was actually Urban who voiced the most concern about the aspiring country singer.

“When you sang the first song, I didn’t quite feel it from you,” Urban told the singer.

“Then you sang Nicki’s song … I’m not sure who you are yet,” he finished, referring to the woman's decision to sing a song by co-judge Nicki Minaj when asked to try a different tune.

Was Urban's assessment a one-time thing, or will the Aussie superstar continue to lay down the law in his search of America's next singing superstar? Tune in each week and find out.

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