Carrie Underwood’s ‘Little Toy Guns’ will remind fans of the title track from her most recent album, as well as many of Martina McBride’s greatest hits. While the song isn’t about domestic violence of the physical variety, it is a reminder of how sensitive young ears can be.

Chris DeStefano and Hillary Lindsey helped the singer write ‘Little Toy Guns,’ the other new song from Underwood's ‘Greatest Hits: Decade No. 1’ collection. Sonically, the song falls in line with everything on ‘Blown Away.’ The arrangement is heavy and orchestral. Underwood begins the song with power before going to places only she can go.

Mom and Daddy just won't stop it / Fighting at the drop of a faucet / Cuts through the walls, catastrophic / She's caught in the crossfire,” she sings, setting up the story quickly in the first verse.

‘Little Toy Guns’ has been called a prequel to ‘Blown Away,’ but that’s not fair to either song. The stormy chart-topper from 2012 was almost a call to action. The song’s conclusion was pure vindication, while at the end of ‘Guns,’ one still feels sympathy from a girl who can’t escape the noise.

Leave the plastic pistols in the front yard / Throw away the scorecard / And just turn off all the noise,” she sings before an enormous final chorus. “I wish words were like little toy guns / No sting, no hurting no one / Just a bang, bang rolling off your tongue.

'Little Toy Guns' ends without a traditional end to the story. It that way it truly is unique for Underwood. So many of her songs are stories with full and complete plots; this song finds her simply yearning for something sweeter than shouting.

Why Fans Will Love It?: It's an important message and Underwood sings the heck out of it.

Key Lyrics: "I wish words were like little toy guns / No sting, no hurting no one / Just a bang, bang rolling off your tongue"

Did You Know?: Underwood says the 'Little Toy Guns' lyrics were inspired by children she knows. She didn't go into detail.

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