The bride always steals the show at a wedding, but a woman named Arianna Pflederer really took the spotlight as she walked down the aisle singing Carrie Underwood's 'Look at Me' to her man at the altar.

The wedding took place in 2013, but the video has recently set the country superstar's song on fire.

'Look at Me' is a cut from Underwood's 'Play On' album. Alan Jackson originally recorded the song for the 'Billy: The Early Years' soundtrack. The bride tweaked a few lyrics to fit her big day, and totally surprised her beau. Ryan Pflederer says he had no idea that would happen, and it's clear he's being honest. By the end of the video, the groom is fighting back tears.

Popdust reports that the clip is just now sparking sales, pushing the track to No. 11 on the iTunes Country Singles chart as of Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 11). That's a rare feat for any song released so many years ago, especially an album track that found little or no radio airplay with its debut. The Pflederers video was posted to YouTube in August 2013 (the wedding was in July), but a front page placement on GodTube sent it viral.

The young couple (both are 21) are amazed at what they've started. Arianna was following a family tradition. In a Q&A, she shares that her mother sang to her father as she walked down the aisle. The young couple married late in the day and had already seen each other, so the bride decided she needed to do something different to make the moment special.

Both agree the moment was a pure act of love -- one they'll remember for a lifetime.