When you catch a glimpse of Carrie Underwood on the red carpet with her husband, Nashville Predators hockey star Mike Fisher, it's easy to think that they are a celebrity couple who has it all. But, not so fast. Underwood recently dished that her husband is like most men -- meaning being romantic doesn't exactly come naturally to him.

In an interview with Britain's OK! magazine, Underwood admitted that sometimes Fisher forgets to stir in the romance. She wasn't complaining about her husband, rather sharing something many female fans can relate to.

"He never was romantic," Underwood says of her main squeeze. "His brain is like most men's; he just doesn't think that way. But it makes those little gestures he does very special."

The truth's in her words -- in this department, Underwood is most definitely like every other woman. When the country music queen wants something romantic, she has to flat-out tell her husband to come up with a sentimental idea.

"Sometimes I prompt him and say, 'For my birthday I want something romantic,' and he then has to figure out what to do and put effort in," she reveals. "I don't care what it is, you don't have to buy me anything -- just do something romantic."

Of course, just because Fisher isn't the most romantic guy around doesn't mean that he's not happily married to the award-winning country star. The couple will celebrate their third anniversary this July, and Underwood still doesn't pass up an opportunity to sing her hubby's praises to the press.

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