Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert brought it, Thelma and Louise-style, at the Capital Hoedown held in Ottawa, Canada on Friday, Aug. 12. The blond first ladies of country music mashed up two of their most recognizable hits: Underwood's 'Before He Cheats' and Lambert's 'Gunpowder and Lead.'

That's a whole lot of blond girl power on stage in one fell swoop. Lookout, Mike Fisher and Blake Shelton, because your wives are quite a formidable tandem when they take the stage together. While this not the first time that the lovely and talented Underwood and Lambert have shared a stage, there was something about this particular performance that just crackled. Perhaps it was the mash up, which is  always a key ingredient in the recipe for a good time.

Underwood and Lambert have electric, combustible chemistry, and we loved how they faced each other while singing. They were clearly into what they were doing to entertain the fans. The Canadian crowd was quite lucky to be able to witness, experience and enjoy these titans -- or is that "titanesses?" -- of the country genre.

Canada must have some love for Underwood, as her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, made his home in Ottawa for quite some time, playing for the Ottawa Senators. He was, however, traded to the Nashville Predators -- a much more convenient location, given his wife's career -- this past season. His wife helped make up for his absence by keeping the crowed entertained this past weekend.

Watch Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert Perform Together