It's been two months since Carrie Underwood gave birth to her son Isaiah, and while she's no doubt experienced the endless highs and sleepless lows of being a new mother, she's also finding time for herself. Recent pics show the "Little Toy Guns" singer taking in a hockey game, rock concert and some rays during a family vacation.

The most recent pics are from May 5 and 6 and show Underwood relaxing on a beach towel, wearing shades and a bathing suit, then later on a patio somewhere, with palm trees as her backdrop. She hashtagged the first photo with #IKnowImLame, but anyone who's been there knows how much a moment's break from mommy duties is treasured. Her "vacation selfies" indicate that she and husband Mike Fisher are at the beach.

Underwood doesn't return to the road for another seven weeks, giving her four months off after childbirth. The singer often takes a break during the summer months, as that's Fisher's offseason. She's not totally "off," though, as she recently shared she's working on new music — and her 2-month-old is a fan.

“Played some of the new music this morning for little Isaiah and he smiled from ear to ear the whole time,” Underwood writes on Twitter. “I think we’re on the right track!”

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