Carrie Underwood continues to show fans that though she may be a global superstar, she still deals with the normal ups and downs of everyday life — like a mischievous dog.

The artist posted a hilarious video on social media on Friday (Sept. 2) featuring her dog Penny, who stares at the camera while Underwood scolds her for stealing Isaiah’s french toast off the kitchen table while the singer was gone changing his diaper.

“Penny Jean," Underwood says, using both of her dog's names and clearly trying to keep her voice stern, but failing. "That was your little brother’s french toast!"

The worst part is that Penny doesn't seem apologetic in the slightest. “You’re not even sorry!” the superstar protests. “Quit licking your lips ... I need you to feel bad about this."

Penny remains nonplussed over the whole incident, even the fact that she didn’t share with Underwood's other dog, Ace, which the singer points out. Next time, perhaps Underwood will make enough french toast for everyone.

The singer keeps it real in what she posts to social media, regularly balancing tour photos with makeup-free post-workout selfies, pants-less photos of Isaiah after blowouts and post-show laundry.

Underwood has been in Alaska performing as part of her Storyteller Tour, of which she also shared photos on Instagram along the way. She and Isaiah posed in front of a glacier in one photo — well, Underwood did as Isaiah slept — and she even got to pet a wolf. The Storyteller Tour is in its second leg.

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