Carrie Underwood came home to the 'American Idol' stage tonight (April 4), performing her new single 'See You Again.' Looking resplendent in a floor-sweeping, black-belted, strapless peach gown, with her blonde ringlets swept into a half-updo and accompanied by several background singers and a band, Underwood belted out her latest ballad on the stage where it all began for her.

The superstar interacted with the crowd while she sang, walking along the stage and touching the hands of the members of the adoring audience. The only thing prettier than Underwood was the way she handled the song, which should end up being her 18th No. 1 hit.

Underwood was also wearing a gigantic black ring that took up her whole hand. While it was eye-catching, it didn't distract from the simplicity of her performance.

The pre-performance package took us back to Season 4, when Underwood was a contestant being interviewed, saying she had never even been on a plane. The producers then escorted us through a bunch of other clips to her big win. She has come full circle, but that circle is not closed.

The judge's panel, of which Randy Jackson is the only remaining member from her season, was swaying in their seats as Underwood did her thing. It was that moving and affecting of a song and performance.

'American Idol' is a stage where stars are born and no one exemplifies that more than Carrie Underwood.

"I have so much love for this show, I'm going to cry," the gracious singer said after the fact. "Everyone has been so supportive." She also expressed her excitement about the contestants, saying, "This is going to be them, soon!"

What a class act Carrie Underwood is.

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