Carrie Underwood joined some of the top stars from all musical genres to pay tribute to our troops for Veterans Day on Tuesday (Nov. 11). The superstar gave a rousing performance of her hit 'See You Again' at the Concert for Valor.

The pregnant singer wore black with a white scarf for the outdoor performance, which took place on the Mall in Washington, D.C. She chose the song -- from her 2012 'Blown Away' album -- very deliberately, as many military families have shared stories with her about how the song reminds them of their loved ones who are currently deployed, or those they have lost.

“To many it’s a song about moving on after the death of a loved one — about wanting to see that person again, and knowing that eventually they will,” Underwood writes in Time magazine. “But I never dreamed that so many would relate to it in such a powerful way.”

Some of the stories she has heard are heartbreaking.

"I remember talking to one brave girl and her mother,” the singer continues. “They had bought tickets the second they went on sale for the whole family to come to my show. The girl’s father was supposed to be home from deployment by the time the show rolled around. Tragically, he never made it.”

When she heard that the bereaved mother and daughter still wanted to attend her show, Underwood arranged to meet with them.

“The mother told me the story that I already knew, and told me how much ‘See You Again’ meant to them," Underwood says. "I could tell that they both had amazing faith that the most important man in their lives was looking down on them and waiting for them. I guess hearing it in a song solidified that belief a little more."

Other performers at the Concert for Valor included Jennifer Hudson, Zac Brown Band, the Black Keys and Bruce Springsteen, who performed the CCR classic 'Fortunate Son' with Dave Grohl.

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