Carrie Underwood recently covered SELF magazine for the fourth time, and in her interview the beautiful country starlet opened up about some of her secrets for staying healthy and happy, as well as revealing that she's still starry-eyed for hockey playing husband Mike Fisher. Though Underwood admits there are things the two are still learning -- her "conservative" husband occasionally asks her if she thinks her dress might be a bit short -- Underwood seems more than happy to consider her husband when selecting her wardrobe.

"I get texts from Mike when I'm on a red carpet that read, 'You're so hot!' I like that," she tells SELF. "Words of affirmation mean a lot to me. But my husband is also pretty conservative. When I'm wearing some outfits, he'll say, 'That dress is a little short, don't you think?' He would never tell me I can't do or wear something or make me feel bad, but I'm a married lady now, so I try to be respectful of my husband. I want to look sexy for him, and I appreciate that he wants to look nice for me, too."

The vegetarian, who recently went vegan, says she loves eating and talking about food. And while Fisher is still a meat eater, Underwood says she's happy being what she calls a "95 percent vegan." A girl's gotta splurge now and then. "Sometimes you're at a birthday party and there's cake and ... you know, you can't resist," she explains, adding, "My veganism is based on a concern about where my food is coming from. In my perfect world, I'd have webcams wherever food is processed so I'd know how clean it is."

Though she claims she'll never eat meat again "because I look and feel better without it," the 'Remind Me' singer thinks she might make an exception under one condition: "If I could raise my own cows and chickens and produce my own eggs and cheese, it would be awesome! The food would taste better, because the animals would be happy." For now, Underwood's health habits seems to be paying off, as she's always radiant with her slim, toned physique. And, hey, though Fisher might occasionally ask for a hem to be taken out here or there, we don't think he's complaining.