Remember when Carrie Underwood was spotted wearing those Daisy Dukes in the desert? Now fans can finally see the finished product — the "Smoke Break" music video.

The video finds the country superstar driving through the dusty desert in an old pickup, looking as glamorous as ever as she tells the story of a few good people working hard to make a life for themselves. Whether it’s a woman working long hours in multiple jobs to make ends meet for her family, or a man trying to succeed and raise above his humble beginnings, sometimes they just need a break, and in this case, a smoke break (even though they don’t smoke, of course).

The "Smoke Break" treatment continues as Underwood has to halt the truck in the middle of the barren landscape to pop the hood and take a look, but it’s no use. The long-legged beauty decides to pull out her acoustic and take matters into her own hand, hitchhiking to her gig at the bar. All the hardworking folk she passed along the way are in the crowd, taking a load off and joining her in singing along to the Southern-rock style anthem.

“Smoke Break” is the first single off Underwood’s upcoming Storyteller album, which drops Oct. 23. Underwood says the album has a bit of a different feel, but still remains true to her style.

"So with this one, with Storyteller, things ended up being more twangy but kinda this cool, edgy twang, like a rock twang," she explains. "It just ended up being a new thing for me, which I'm really excited about."

Check out the video above to get a glimpse into the new music.

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