Even though Carrie Underwood is a few years Taylor Swift's senior, that hasn't stopped music critics from lumping the two popular blonde singers into the same mold. Both Underwood and Swift have major crossover power, but that doesn't mean that they are cut from the same cloth. In fact, Underwood recently told BANG Showbiz that she hates being compared to her 22-year-old fellow country/pop star.

"I feel like we're definitely completely different artists; that is something that's so cool about country music because everyone has there own thing," Underwood, 29, says (according to Entertainmentwise.com).

And she's right: Although both ladies appeal to a wide range of music lovers, the comparison between their music stops there. Underwood's latest hits, 'Good Girl' and 'Blown Away,' sound decidedly more like pop music than country twang, but she hasn't delved into other genres quite like Swift has. The 'Ours' hitmaker has worked on songs with both Justin Bieber and rapper B.o.B, and her songs can frequently be found at the top of country and pop charts.

"I'm a little bit older than she is and I feel like our music's completely different and if anyone tries to make any comparisons they really haven't listened to either one of us," Underwood added of Swift.

The 'Before He Cheats' hitmaker also pointed out that their voices sound much different. Underwood, who took home the crown on 'American Idol' a few years ago, is known for her powerhouse vocals. On the other hand, Swift's voice has a softer, sweeter quality.

"Our songs are definitely different," Underwood adds. "She sings a little bit lighter sometimes and it's just a difference in our brand of country."

Of course, the Oklahoma native doesn't deny that she and Swift both appeal to fans outside of country music -- but she doesn't think that's a bad thing.

"For me it's more exciting than anything if somebody likes me and start listening to country music over other all those other artists," she said. "People want so much 'real country music', but for me it's cool that we can bring more people into country music by being different."