Carrie Underwood caught one of her five-inch high heels in the tail of her shirt on Thursday (Sept. 5) during a show in Corpus Christi, Texas. The singer was singing 'Undo It' when she fell to the ground, injuring her left foot. "I can't move my toes. Is that bad?" she asked after the incident.

Before going to bed, she gave fans this update:

Underwood joked about the fall with Twitter followers. One fan caught the trip on video and posted it to Instagram. "@carrieunderwood didn't fall tonight," @biggestfanCU said. "She attacked the floor...While wearing five inch heels... She's got mad ninja skills."

The star also shared that her shirt came away with a hole in it from the stabbing it took from her dangerous boot. Unfortunately, Underwood won't have much time to rest up. Friday, she's playing Hidalgo, Texas before a week off. A Sept. 13 date in Washington is her last official tour date of the season.

Update: Underwood exchanged tweets with Brad Paisley. They don't reveal anything new but they're very entertaining.

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