“Fall Apart” immediately shows growth for singer Casey James. The big ballad is the debut from an upcoming sophomore album, and it pushes him as a vocalist and a storyteller.

The song will no doubt be a challenge for him to perform live. There are a lot of words, and he really reaches for the high end of his range. If you see this Texan getting down on some barbecue, tell him to go for a brisk jog, because his lungs will need to be in shape come touring season.

“Every time I run into you, baby, I go a little crazy inside / Tell myself I got to breathe, try to get my heart to beat / Photographs, memories, fade away easily / But you're right here in front of me and won't let me go / Since you broke my heart, every time I run into you / I fall apart, oh, I fall apart,” he sings at each chorus.

Will Bowen wrote the song with one-time country duo the Carter Twins (who became Kingston). Lyrically, the trio paint vivid images. But it takes a few listens to appreciate the words in a song that is so much a vocal showcase for this one-time American Idol singer.

“Like a shadow right by my side, there's just no place to hide / This little town's never seemed so small / I should just stay inside, lock the door and kill the lights / Turn off the phone and just stare at the wall,” James sings before winding up once again for the chorus.

The arrangement is orchestral, but not so much that one can claim the song is anything but country. There’s room for a guitar solo before he winds up again “Every … time … I ….”

James’ emotion is genuine, and the story will surely reach anyone who still leaves a light flickering in his heart for that first love to come bellow awake.

Why Fans Will Love It: Casey James fans have been dying to hear him on the radio once again, and "Fall Apart" doesn't disappoint.

Key Lyrics: "Since you broke my heart, every time I run into you. / I fall apart, oh, I fall apart."

Did You Know?: He's not naming names, but James says there is a girl he thinks about when he sings "Fall Apart." While he didn't write it, it tells the story of one of his ex-girlfriends.

Listen to Casey James, "Fall Apart"

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