Rising country duo CB30 had big plans to spend their spring break week skiing with friends in Montana. But then the coronavirus hit, their plans were canceled and they were forced to quarantine ... with superstar Luke Bryan.

“Luke Bryan is our really good family friend, so we call him Uncle Luke,” laughs CB30's Christian Clementi during a recent interview with Taste of Country.

“Before all of this happened, (Luke’s) son Bo was going to have his birthday party in Montana so we could all ski. We had all of our stuff packed, but the day we were supposed to leave, all the ski lifts were closed down," he further explains. "So we came out here to Destin (Florida). Luke has a house down here so we are quarantined down here with Luke's family and our family."

While it can be tough for any teen to be stuck inside, this brotherly duo is making the best out of it. In fact, with most of their fanbase home and on their cell phones constantly, CB30's popularity on the social networking service TikTok has been skyrocketing. A recent video of the duo doing the Charlie Puth challenge has garnered more than 15 million views in less than a week.

"I was just in my house and Christian was at a write about a month ago and I was just thinking of some ideas of how we could do the Charlie Puth challenge but make it different than a normal one," says CB30’s Brody Clementi.

"Since Brody wrote it, I thought he should sing it, but he doesn’t have his license yet so obviously he can’t drive yet," laughs Christian of his brother, who is just 15 years old. "I told him to just park the car and hop in the front seat, but he was like, ‘No, you do it so I don’t get in trouble.'"

Since that video went viral, the brotherly duo — who were first discovered by Luke Bryan and then signed by his manager, Kerri Edwards — have released a bunch of new TikToks, even ones including Bryan's kids. But while it may look like all fun and games over in the Bryan house right now, they are using the time to get some work done.

"We are definitely trying to make it a productive time," Christian says. "It's so natural with him. We will finish dinner and pull out a guitar. It's cool that we are with him. Plus, our dad (Jay Clementi) is a songwriter, too, so we have learned so much with him. It's very cool to have two such strong songwriting influences in our lives."

And for all of the teenagers like these fellas who find themselves stuck at home right now, Christian and Brody have a message:

"We’ve never seen this in our lifetime," Christian says."It’s a one-time thing. If we are going to get through it together, we need to stay in the house and spend time with the people you love the most so it will go away quicker."

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