Charlie Worsham is gearing up to release his second studio album Beginning of Things on April 21. Four years after his debut album released, the artist says the record is a bit of a fresh start for him as he hadn’t been feeling passionate about his craft prior to creating it.

"I had fallen out of love with music, and making this record put me back in love with it on a level I hadn’t felt since I was a teenager," Worsham says in a release. "Beginning Of Things was a challenge in surrendering control and trusting my own talent. I’m confident that these songs and these recordings capture my musical geography and personal truth, and at the end of the day, I'm convinced that is the ultimate purpose of an artist — to speak one’s truth.”

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Fans can preorder the album now, and five tracks have been made available for instant download for preorders. The album follows Worsham's debut full-length album Rubberband from 2013, and it includes 13 songs, nine of which he co-wrote. The full track listing or Beginning of Things is below.

Charlie Worsham, Beginning of Things Track List:

1. Pants (Jeff Hyde)
2. Please People Please (Charlie Worsham, Ryan Tyndell)
3. Southern By The Grace of God (Charlie Worsham, Luke Dick, Shane McAnally)
4. Call You Up (Abe Stoklasa, Daniel Tashien)
5. Lawn Chair Don’t Care (Charlie Worsham, Brent Cobb, Ryan Tyndell)
6. Only Way To Fly (Charlie Worsham, Brent Cobb, Ryan Tyndell)
7. Old Times Sake (Charlie Worsham, Jeremy Spillman, Brent Cobb)
8. Cut Your Groove (Charlie Worsham, Oscar Charles)
9. I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (Charlie Worsham, Ryan Tyndell, Billy Montana)
10. The Beginning Of Things (Abe Stoklasa, Donovan Woods)
11. Birthday Suit (Luke Dick, Jason Lehning)
12. I-55 (Charlie Worsham, Ben Hayslip)
13. Take Me Drunk (Charlie Worsham, Ryan Tyndell, Steve Bogard)

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