Newcomers Chasin' Crazy have released a fun track in celebration of warm weather. It's aptly titled 'That's How We Do Summertime,' and it's a fun, laid-back track that will have fans ready for bonfires at the beach and dancing at the local bar.

Chasin' Crazy is a five-piece ensemble of talented young musicians just finding their sound in the country music scene. With 'That's How We Do Summertime' they have released a debut single that is infectious and up-tempo, distinguishing their country-pop sound from other three-plus outfits like Eli Young Band and Zac Brown Band, who lean more into rock and bluegrass influences for their brand.

"Dancing and laughing on the weekend / Every Friday night you'll find us there / A fire and a bunch of chairs," sings Landon Parker, whose deep voice sounds a bit like Scotty McCreery's. "Baby there ain't no better feeling / Knowing you've got all you need / Simple as a summer breeze."

While the premise of 'That's How We Do Summertime' is not new, Chasin' Crazy have managed to put their own twist on the need for summer, chilling and partying. The lyrics may lean generic, but a sweet guitar melody and strong vocal harmonies carry the song through. Parker's got a strong voice to lead the track, although all five guys share singing duties during each chorus. It's notable that the guys play all their own instruments.

'That's How We Do Summertime' is a solid debut single from a group of talented musicians that fans can expect more fun-loving tunes from in the future.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'That's How We Do Summertime' is a feel-good summer song ready to burst from the speakers.

Key Lyrics: "That's how we do summertime / Laid back in the sunshine / Not a single worry on my mind / A couple friends 'n feeling fine / That's how we do summertime"

Did You Know?: Chasin' Crazy landed their band name after guitarist Jimmy James Hunter penned a song with the same title. The band's bio on their official website says that the name "captures the essence of the band at this time in their lives ... [and] the band's unflinching and focused desire to establish themselves as an elite country talent."

Listen to Chasin' Crazy, 'That's How We Do Summertime'