Chely Wright is recording new music, and she's enlisting fans to help make it happen. The singer-songwriter has launched an official Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for her eighth studio album.

Wright has taken to the popular crowdsourcing platform hoping to raise $175,000 for her new record -- and just a few days in, she's already seen $50,000 come in! Wright says that the past four years, since the release of her last record, have been some of the biggest of her life, with a book, a marriage and even twin baby boys.

"My last album, 'Lifted Off the Ground' was released 2010. It was also the year that my memoir 'Like Me' was released and the year that I came out of the closet. So much has happened since then," says Wright on her Kickstarter page.

She continues, "I got legally married in 2011 and in 2013, my wife Lauren and I doubled the size of our family by having identical twin boys -- Everett and George. They’re fifteen months old and doing great."

With so much happening, it's a wonder Wright was able to work on music at all. But, in fact, she says she's been writing a lot! And now she has a record's worth of songs that she can't wait to get into the hands of the fans, which is exactly why she's pulling them into the process of making it happen.

"This video is largely to announce that I'm doing a Kickstarter campaign. I'm kicking off my Kickstarter campaign!" says Wright in a promo video on Kickstarter. "I really think it's exciting to give the power of helping make things happen to the fans who are really the ones who make it all happen, anyway."

For more information, and to donate money toward Wright's new album, visit her official campaign page. And the icing on the cake? There's a host of awesome incentives for funders including signed books and music, pre-show meet and greets and even the chance to have Wright attend and perform at one lucky funder's wedding!

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