Chris Cagle was playing a show at Ft. Drum's Mountainfest when he had to stop and break up a fight. He was busy saluting the soldiers when one started pushing in the crowd.

When the singer saw what was happening in front of him, he wasn't shy to voice his opinion over what should become of the fighters. "Take them away," he starts in the video, provided by Big Frog 104. "Let them come next year and figure out how to act."

Although the crowd cheered, those fighting didn't.

"I don't care if you boo me," Cagle continues. "Out. Gentleman in the green shirt right there and whoever is pushing back -- bye bye. We're done. You don't act like that."

Then, Cagle found out who the guy picking fights actually was. "Are you a civilian or are you on the base?" he asks the man. "Are you a civilian? Or are you a soldier?"

After asking a couple more times, the surprising answer came.

"You're a soldier. Really?" Cagle says, shocked, while the crowd erupts with boos. "I tell you what, don't kick him out," the singer decides, adding, "Take him over and let him stand by the General for the whole show."

That solution was met with cheers from the crowd -- and the show continued.

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