Chris Cagle has left fans wondering when or if they'll ever see him again after a series of cryptic posts to his social media.

"I would like to thank everyone for 15 yrs of a great time! From B&D to Flatts and fans!! I'm gonna miss my band and everyone!!" the singer posted to Facebook on Nov. 1. "All this means.. I'm going home! I'm going to be a Father and a GREAT Husband and enjoy my life! I thank you ALL for everything ! I've had a great run and would just like to go home with my dignity!"

He posted photos of his two daughters dressed up for Halloween, adding, "I'm tired of missing moments like this ... and this."

The 46-year-old singer released his debut album, Play It Loud, in 2000, and "I Breathe In, I Breathe Out" became his biggest hit in 2002, when it reached No. 1. He's also scored hits with "What a Beautiful Day" and "Chicks Dig It." His most recent album was 2012's Back in the Saddle, which produced two Top 20 hits, "Got My Country On" and "Let There Be Cowgirls."

Cagle has made headlines over the years for a series of brushes with the law, including domestic assault charges in 2008, an arrest for assault after an altercation with the boyfriend of a fan, and a 2013 arrest on suspicion of drunk driving. His most recent label, Bigger Picture Music Group, closed in 2014. He did not specifically say that he is quitting the music business, but he did post further to Twitter, appearing to bid farewell to his band.

He posted again after receiving a number of tributes from fans, saying, "I must say I am a little overwhelmed by the kind words from everyone! I thank you for your kindness!"

No official announcement has been made regarding Cagle's future plans.

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