Chris Janson is currently out on the road with Blake Shelton, and when the breakout country star stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio for a new interview, he couldn't say enough good things about the country superstar.

"Dude, he's so much more than I expected, in a good way," Janson tells us. "So much more, man. He is such a good human being. He does more ... honestly, I've been around a lot of big stars, and a lot of of really nice ones, but Blake does more for people than anybody I've ever been around, just on his own free will."

"He's just a good man," the "Buy Me a Boat" singer continues. "He's a very good person. Not to mention a great singer, songwriter and performer ... everything about him, he's a huge star. And I have spent a lot of time with him; we played a lot of basketball together on the road, and we've had some really good times. I can't tell you enough good things about him. He's been so respectful of my crew and myself and my wife, and everyone on the road. He just treats us like gold."

Janson says the toughest thing about the tour is when a friendly game of hoops gets a little out of hand.

"We ball hard out there," he admits with a laugh. "It's so fun. I never really played basketball ever, except for way back in school. And it was just jokingly and fun. And it's still fun on the road, but it's cool, because we get to play in whatever town we're in, it's these arenas, either major teams or a there's big college in town, and we get to play in their practice arenas, which is cool. I got a busted lip last week when his road manager accidentally slammed into me. We ball hard, but we have a good time when we do it. But if you're gonna play a sport, you might as well get serious about it and try to win."

Janson's current single is "Power of Positive Drinkin'." It's the latest release from his Buy Me a Boat album, which Warner Bros. released in October.

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